REVIEW: Tomboy (2011)

The French independent film Tomboy (2011) follows a ten year old girl named Laure who has questioned gender her entire life, and always desired to fit in with the boys. Tomboy challenges whether gender is something we are born with or rather something that we are socially conditioned to understand, with a further exploration of navigating being so young and questioning gender identity.

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REVIEW: Ted Talk, “How to Overcome Your Biases”

The TED Talk I am reviewing can be watched here.

A brief introduction:

Certain arguments in Myer’s Ted Talk are lacking and approached incorrectly. Although she did make some strong points later on, how she presents some points at the start of the video is contradictive to the purpose of the talk. The Ted Talk by Verna Myers, “How to Overcome Our Biases: Walk Towards Them” was a seventeen minute video in which Myers discussed some examples of modern day racism and how to change our views on it. The talk started out with a powerful story where Myers tells how she was listening to an audio book in which blacks were painted negatively, and when she switched to the radio she heard about Ferguson. She explains that the light in which blacks are placed has not changed, but the context of the light has over the years. This is a powerful statement to begin with and it gave the viewer something to think about and reflect upon throughout her talk. However, I felt that the argument that the video was attempting to make, that we need to confront our biases in order to change them, was rather weak.

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