I’ve never been much of a partygoer

Smokey rooms filled with beer spills and sweaty bodies pressed together simply aren’t on my radar

Until i met the girl with vodka lemonade kisses

Hands grip hips grip hands

Shuffled through the crowds

Im lost in the heat

In the beat

Of the mediocre band playing at this dirty house party


Nerves and perspiring hands

I want to impress you

I want to show you i can

I want to kiss you

You beat me to it


Backed against the wooden wall

Hands grip hips grip hair

The only noises i hear are my

pounding heart, moving lips

The only noises i hear are your

Little sighs


Jostled, pushed, pulled

The girl plays with my hair

And my heart


Back corner

Spray painted walls

To the left of the bar

Find me


Leaning her back against the cool cinderblock

The antithesis of our mood

The beat is shitty but it cant stop me from

Dancing with

The girl with the vodka lemonade kisses


Fast kisses, hard kisses, swift kisses,

smooth kisses, cool kisses, hot kisses

Everything and nothing matter all at once


Hands on hips on lips on thigh

Hands in hair on back on arms

Hands grip hands grip everything










She’s tangy and she’s sweet

My girl tastes like

Vodka lemonade


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